Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth can create some dental problems, including pain, infection and other mouth problems. Wisdom teeth are adult teeth, which appear at the end of jaw deep inside mouth. These teeth normally appear in teen age. Mouth has a limited space for jaw. The space is less for wisdom tooth to erupt. If they do not erupt in normal way, then they may strike the inner skin of mouth or damage the gums. Teeth grown in wrong direction, strike with gums or inner skin are called impacted teeth.

It is not necessary to remove every impacted tooth. However, if dentist thinks that impacted tooth can create dental problems, he may suggest wisdom tooth extraction.

Why to go for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

It is the suggestion of your dentist whether or not to go for Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Dentist normally does a thorough examination and considers all factors. He can examine gums, jaw and the wisdom tooth itself. Sometimes, dentist may suggest extraction despite there is no problem at the time. This suggestion is to avoid a possible problem that may arise in future.

Is their any risk in Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

There are certain risks or complications which may arise due to the wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

  • Severe pain in gums or jaw
  • Numbness, which is called Paresthesia. Paraesthesia may result in a temporary loss of feeling to tongue, jaw of lips.
  • Infection
  • Continuous bleeding
  • Swelling in mouth or gums


What to do?

Wisdom tooth extraction seldom causes any significant health problem. During the age of 18 to 24 years, roots of wisdom teeth are not developed fully and the jaw bone is less dense. Extraction of wisdom tooth is easy during this time period. Similarly, recovery from a surgery is also fast and easy in this age period. You can make your own decision if you go for wisdom tooth extraction before the problem arises or after it. Our experts can guide you what to do?


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